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Transpire Life: Office Organizing is your resource to create order and flow in your office through:

  • Office Decluttering
  • Office Organizing
  • Office Inspiration & decor
  • The DIY Office
  • Home Office, Co-Working Spaces, Mobile Office, & Small rented Office space.
  • Paper Filing/Management

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Why do you have two websites?

In case you’re new around here, I have another website, Transpire Life: Time Management & Productivity. It was my original site, but now dedicated to time management, productivity, and my Virtual Assistant services.

This website you’re on now is dedicated to all things office organization and my Office Stylist services.

It was too confusing for readers and the site would have become too large, so I decided to split them apart.

Who am I?


Hi! I’m Jennifer. An INFJ  “adventurous homebody”, based near the gorgeous Mountains of North Carolina (my happy place), and not your typical Southern gal (you’ll find out how as we get to know each other). I’m also a coffee connoisseur, gamer, Steampunk cosplayer, traveler, and personal safety and domestic violence awareness advocate.

With a experience in Interior Design, Architecture, Business,  and small coffee drive thru’s, I use this skill set to help you create order and flow in your office.

My Philosophy

  • I believe anyone can be organized and maintain that organization through personalized systems and processes.
  • Life and business are a journey. Take action that #movesmountains.


One of the main comments I hear is “You’re so organized!”

Here’s the thing…I wasn’t always like that.

It took over 15 years to go from just paper planner to testing different programs and systems, to finally figuring out which paper filing and office organizing tools worked best for me.

What I learned from this adventure…

 From this experience, my new passion and mission are to help bloggers and service-based businesse owners create order and flow in their office.  I want to save you all that time I spent to create personalized systems that work for you and your lifestyle.