Are you a Blogger or Service-based Business Owner who…

Needs help with clutter?

Needs structure, efficiency, and organization?

Needs better systems and processes for simplified workflow?

Maybe you don’t know where to start, or how to stay organized.

I create order and flow in your office.


“The average American wastes 55 minutes a day ~ roughly 12 weeks a year ~ looking for things they know they own but can’t find.”– National Association of Professional Organizers


Imagine looking forward to coming to your office each morning. You check your tasks for the day and easily accomplish them all, consistently. You can find every piece of important paper on the computer or in a file drawer.

You’re calmer, more focused and have more head space because you know exactly what needs to get done and when. This means it’ll be easier to grow your business and have more energy and time for what you love. 

What is Virtual Organizing?

Virtual Organizing is a great way to get guidance, advice, and support from an expert, but you do the physical work. This is a great option for non-locals, have time restraints, and self-motivated.

Hi! I’m Jennifer. Your Office Stylist.

Growing up around Interior Design, experience with technical drawing/architecture classes, as well as organizing and outfitting small home office spaces for efficiency, I can help you plan and create the most efficient and inspiring office for your needs.

When I Owned two coffee drive-thru’s, it was important that all we had to do was spin around to reach anything we needed. Working space and storage space was limited, so I learned to utilize what we had.

I’ve applied this module to my home office, and client’s offices. It’s more than doubled our productivity and workflow. I want to help do the same for you.

“Jennifer helped me gain clarity on creating systems that streamline my processes from intake to follow up with clients. She’s supportive and asks the questions you need to help you get to the answers you need. As a result, my productivity increased because I’m not re-doing things or doing the same thing in multiple places. I’ve gained more open space on my calendar so I can serve more clients.” ~ Holly Wade, Wellness Coach

The Process

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Through photos and/or video, you’ll give me a tour of your office space
  3. Pay upfront in full, or in two payments at 50% each.
  4. Schedule first month’s sessions.
  5. Discover what works, what isn’t working, and next action steps
  6. Begin your organizing journey!
  7. Weekly calls for accountability and exercises
  8. Stay Organized. gain back time, & get more done


What you get:

  • Action steps through each phase, broken down to simplify and prevent overwhelm.
  • Feel inspired and confident tackling a large task

Each package includes:

● Initial Consult to discuss needs, goals, and workflow
● Interior Design & Organization Consulting
● 1 call each week for Check-ins & Accountability
● Mood Board for organization & decor
● Progress Tracker
● Product Recommendations
● Paper Management
● How to start and prevent clutter

Whether you want to take one step at a time or tackle the mountain of tasks, I have an option for you with personalized styling packages.

You don’t belong in a box, so why should your sessions? This is why I customize my program to your needs.

1​ ​Month​ – $355

For smaller projects. You just need a little guidance and accountability. Otherwise, you’re ready to knock it out asap.

3​ ​Months​ ​- $615

For medium projects. that take more time, or you need to work around a crazy schedule.

6 Months – $1,230

For large projects. You can still see the floor, but there is a lot of stuff in your office.

Together, we’ll create an organized, practical, and inspiring space to work that creates order, flow and creativity.

Contact me to get started today!